So why did I decide to join Platinum UK (Purium) as a distributor, over and above all the other companies out there offering nutritional supplements…..

Previously, as a Personal Trainer and certainly now as a Homeopath I have frequently found that people’s health and wellbeing is greatly affected by the foods that they eat and the supplements they take.

I would often suggest they take various makes of vitamin and mineral supplements, from company’s I knew made good quality products, but I struggled to find a company that I truly believed had an entire range of products that were worth their weight in gold!

In early 2015, I was asked by a friend and fellow Homeopath to join her on a 10 day transformational cleanse, ( which was produced by a company new to the UK, but well established in America.  The company known as Purium in the US, but Platinum here, stated that they offered a range of nutritional products that are green, non GM, organic, mostly vegan, vegetarian, made from wholefoods, without additives or artificial flavours.

Pretty substantial claims!

I’ve blogged about my experience of the cleanse before, so won’t go over old ground, but I will say that the experience was TRANSFORMATIONAL!

Since then, I’ve completed the cleanse at the change of each season and take a range of the products every day.

I thought my diet beforehand was fairly healthy, but now realise that by adding a spoonful of a Platinum ‘superfood’ powder to my daily smoothie has improved my energy and general health tenfold.

As a company, Platinum are keen for everyone to have an opportunity to try their products and readily give away €50.00 gift cards to those ordering products for the first time.

They also offer a members club, which gives its members 30% off every order they make and access to a team of Nutritionists.

Finally, I’d found a company with integrity and a genuine interest in helping its customers to improve their health and wellbeing!

Now, my Homeopathic clients, my family and friends are reaping the rewards of joining the Platinum gang, with improvements to their health easily achieved by adding high quality products to their line-up of vitamins or daily smoothie.

If you’d like more info on the members club, drop me an email or join my mailing list.