Thanks to my background in sport and my studies in Homeopathy, Nutrition and Bioresonace, I aim to give my patients the tools to improve their health and well-being.


Homeopathy is a safe, gentle system of medicine.
A Homeopath aims to support the individual rather than just the symptoms or the illness in isolation.
Homeopathy stimulates the body to heal itself, taking into account the unique mental, emotional and physical traits of each individual.
Homeopathy offers a health-enhancing method of preventing disease and helps people to achieve a better level of general health.



The theory of this therapy is based on bio-physics.
The body is tested and treated on the basis of it’s biological energy fields.  It uses the electromagnetic feedback from individuals to identify problems.
I use a CoRe Inergetix machine to compliment my use of Homeopathy and nutritional supplements as part of my practice.
This allows me to identify, by the electromagnetic feedback, what the body sees as a priority, so that I can better prescribe remedies and nutritional supplements as and when required.


Nutritional Support

Our energy, overall physical vitality and zest for life are directly influenced by what we consume.
We cannot expect our bodies to remain fit, strong and healthy if we do not access good quality foods and supplements on a daily basis.
More and more I have found, in my practice, that we, as humans are becoming increasing deficient in the right vitamins and minerals to enable our bodies to operate at their optimum.


These holistic remedies can clear your body of toxins which have been either ingested, inhaled or absorbed, leaving your body able to function more efficiently.
By using the vitamins, minerals and enzymes in the herbs to nourish and rebuild your immune system, homeobotanicals helps the body to rebuild and create a better sense of wellbeing.
Homeobotanical Therapy has been designed to effectively treat most acute and chronic health conditions, bringing the person back into balance.

So that’s a very brief overview of the therapies I use in my practice in Surrey.

I see each person as an individual, and my aim is to always follow the symptoms and messages the body is giving.

To find a path to healing that works!

Image representing complimentary therapy
Sophie has been treating myself and my family for a number of years, using Homeopathy, Bioresonance and nutritional support.  She has helped us to make a very positive change to our health and well-being. Sophie’s support extends beyond the appointment time allocated and nothing is too much trouble. DS


Homeopathy works by stimulating your body’s own healing process.


A Homeopath sees each patient as an individual and considers all aspects of their health and lifestyle before deciding on a unique prescription.

Bioresonance machines use bio-physics to read the naturally occurring electromagnetic signals each and everyone of us emits.

By choosing to eat consciously and opting for nutrient dense foods and supplements, the effects on your health & well-being will be immense.