Hi, nice to meet you, I guess you’d like to know a little bit about me and how I got here…..

I’ve always been very interested in health and fitness and when my children were young, I decided to turn my love of sport into a profession and became a personal trainer, helping individuals realise their exercise goals.
I soon realised that a person’s health is greatly affected by their underlying physical and emotional health and nutritional status. Without working with the person as a whole, it was often a struggle to gain the benefits that just exercising regularly should achieve.
A chance meeting with a Homeopath, at this time, encouraged me to study the therapy for the next four years and it was the turning point in the health of both myself and my family.  My children often complained when they were younger that they never had a day off sick from school, because they were never ill (I did give in to the odd duvet day though!)
I’ve continued to add additional strings to my bow over the years, by adding bio-resonance therapy as a form of diagnostic technology and also gaining nutritional qualifications to give me a greater working knowledge, on top of the sports nutrition I already had experience in.


I consider myself very lucky.

Each day I get up and look forward to going to work!!


No two days are the same, because no two individuals are the same, so my naturally nosey nature, allows me to think creatively about everyone I meet to ensure I find the right way forward to improve their health and well-being.
On the therapies page, I’ll go into a bit more depth on the individual aspects of how I work with each individual, feel free to get in touch if you’d like to ask me anything about how we could work together.


Image representing energy healing

Sophie treated me for severe nausea during the first trimester of my third pregnancy.  I felt dreadful and wanted to sleep all the time.  Taking the remedies Sophie prescribed greatly reduced my nausea and made me feel more human again.  I will definitely be consulting Sophie again to rebalance my hormones after the birth of my child.



Those who think they have no time for their health & well-being may soon find they have to find time for illness